Madurai Temples

Mariamman Temple
Thursday 17, Dec 2009

This tank also known as Vandiyoor Teppakulam. It is at the eastern end of the city. It measures, 1000 feet north to south and 950 feet east to west. It should be noted that its area is almost equal to that of Sree Meenakshi Temple. Thirumalai naick built this tank in 1645.

In the middle of the tank there is a little island called the Mayya (Centre) Mandapam. A small temple has been built on this island. There are tiny towers on the four sides of this island studded with shady trees. The Teppakulam is very close to the Vaigai river. The tank is connected to the river by underground channels. The island can be reached by boats for a small fare.

Thousands of people gather at the Teppakulam during the Teppam (Float) Festival in January – February. (A detailed description of this Madurai festival has been given in the foregoing pages of this booklet). On the northern side of the Teppakulam is the Mariamman Temple

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