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Koodal Alagar Temple Madurai
Thursday 17, Dec 2009

The Koodal Alagar Temple is situated in the City of Madurai, which is a very prominent hub of art and culture. The Temple of Koodal Alagar is a very old one and is one of the best expressions the City's cultural traditions. At about two kilometers away from the western outskirts of Madurai stands the Koodal Alagar Temple.

The Koodal Alagar Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu, one God of the Divine Trinity in the Hindu Mythology. A unique feature of this temple is the three different postures of the same God residing in three different alter. The three figures of Vishnu are in standing, sitting and reclining postures. These three figures of the deity are known by three different names. The most venerated of the three figures is Lord Vishnu in the seated posture. The seated Lord Vishnu is locally known as Lord Koodal Alagar from whom the temple derives its name. The reclining idol is more popu-larly known acknowledged as Sri Ranganatha. Sri Surya Narayan Perumal is the name for the standing image of Lord Vishnu.

The decorative windows are among the other remarkable feature of the Koodal Alagar Temple. These wonderfully engraved windows added with the delicately designed wooden panes create a spectacular sight.

Mahasamprokashanam is a festival that the temple of Koodal Alagar observes. It is celebrated occasionally thus increasing the enthusiasm of the people regarding the festival. A large crowd gathers to be a part of this memorable religious festival.

A visit to the Koodal Alagar Temple will simply astonish the visitors and it is one of the tourist destinations in Madurai worth paying a visit. It is sure to be engraved forever in one's mind.

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